“My real passion is for good food and the love it brings. My kitchen is a place of peace, discovery, and utter happiness.”

Who is The Loving Cook?

We all have sweet memories of food. Whether it’s discovering phố in Saigon or biting into a hot jam donut at the Queen Victoria Market on a freezing cold Melbourne morning.

Me? I remember sitting on the kitchen bench top watching my mum make dinner. With my Eastern European background, I was exposed to a plethora of rich flavours and cuts of meat that frightened most of my school friends.

Then I grew up. I still loved food, but I had other fish to fry. After completing a Master’s degree in publishing and editing, I jetted off to London and got myself a dream job at Vogue magazine. I shmoozed with the fashion in-crowd while living in less than glamorous dwellings. I went travelling and ate my way around Europe.

Back in Australia, I continued as a magazine editor for niche luxury publications but increasingly found that although Prada, Chanel and Gucci are faaabulous, my real excitement stemmed from interviewing chefs like Nobu Matsuhisa, Frank Camorra and George Calombaris. Today, I continue to review restaurants throughout regional Victoria as a Golden Plate Award judge.

I still work in marketing and the media, and I studied nutrition and weight loss. Recently I also completed my professional chef’s qualifications by attending a culinary college. Despite working at world-class restaurants like Cumulus Inc. in Melbourne, I’ve learnt that healthy food can be lush too, but that ruskie pierogi are not a daily necessity – although still delightful on occasion. I have a gym membership, and I use it. (Seriously, I am that person that actually uses it.)

It is now that I realise that my parents had given me the greatest gift of all: taste. My real passion is for good food and the love it brings. My kitchen is a place of peace, discovery, and utter happiness.

I savour uncovering new recipes and creating dishes that blend the memories and aromas from the kitchens of my childhood. I love the challenge of incorporating healthy twists and take inspiration from both local and global cuisines. I am an advocate for healthy living and happiness – and for me now, just as in my childhood, food remains the connection. Please enjoy and nourish your own love of food and healthy living.

The Loving Cook